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Ammonia Refrigeration Technician

Refrigeration Systems Construction and Service


Our Services

Our Services


We offer a wide array of construction options. We provide as much or as little as our customers specify. Our quality is guaranteed from start to finish. We have the solutions to build to your specifications.

Mechanical Services

We have technical service providers located across the western United States available for all of your service needs.

Parts and Supplies

We keep a large inventory of new and used equipment and parts, and we provide expedited delivery – even of the hard-to-find items. 


Let us evaluate your building system’s energy usage and provide you with a complete energy analysis to improve performance and help you achieve optimum energy efficiency and savings.

Bidding Interests

RSCS is always interested in bidding new refrigeration projects, and we have the versatility to provide a customized plan to fit your project needs.


Wherever cold is critical - from Supermarkets to Power Plants.

High grade industrial ammonia, C02 Cascade/Transcritical and Freon systems.

We specialize in refrigeration systems for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Industrial Refrigeration Facility Technician
Industrial Refrigeration Construction
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